The GIRO features
A product signed exclusively by Cherubini

Our whole engineering department was dedicated to the creation of Giro,
with full passion and devotion, with great attention and care
given to design and develop each single component.

Easy to control,
amazing to look at

Activate it with your thumb and control roller blinds, awnings and screens.
Then you give a look at it and say to yourself,
“I've never seen a remote control like this one”.

Change the channel and control up to seven different devices.

Any object needs to be functional and gives you pleasure to win you over.
That is why we decided to develop a range of models with simple but sophisticated functions.

Burgundy Warm Grey Blue

Our “tocco italiano” meets design to create a new way of thinking, using and experiencing our products.

The process
A product signed exclusively by Cherubini that is constantly seeking excellence for its customers.

The result
Innovation in use.
Style in shape. Attention to details.

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